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Y&R, New York

Executive Producer: Craig Jelniker
CCO: Jim Elliott
GCD: Jim Radosevic
CD/AD: Fern Cohen
CD/CW: Margot Owett

Production Company: Furlined
Director: Bjoern Ruehmann
President: Diane McArter
Senior Executive Producer: David Thorne
Producer: Leah Fleischmann
DP: Roman Vas’Yanov

Editor: Work Edit
Editor: Rich Orrick
Assistant Editor: Healy Snow
EP: Erica Thompson

Head of Production: Derek Macleod-Veilleux
Production Assistant: Lindsay Myers
VFX Supervisors: Gigi Ng, Bill Dorais
2D Lead: Gigi Ng
Nuke Lead: Alex Harding
Nuke: John Laughlin, Craig Sylvester, Sang Lee, Carl Fong, Mikael Petterson, Kelly Bruce
CG Lead: Bill Dorais
Animators: Grae Ravell, Anderson Ko, Ross Scroble, Jacob Fradkin,
Modeller/Rigger: Andres Weber
Lighters: Susie Hong, Corey Langelotti, Jimmy San, Ross Denner, Grahame Curtis
Concept Artist: Andrew Brooks
Designers: Rob Modini, Colin Hess
Other credits: Stefano Salvini, Murali Krishna

Color Grading: MPC
Colorist: Adrian Seery
Color Assistant: Dan Silverman
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