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EVP, CCO: Joe Baratelli
SVP, GCD: Jason Sperling
ACD, Art Director: Hobart Birmingham
ACD, Copywriter: Perrin Anderson
Copywriter: Rich Siegel
Art Director: Dana Markee
SVP, Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Senior Producer: Isadora Chesler
Assistant Producer: Whitney Young

Production Company: Gorgeous Inc.
Director/Director of Photography: Ellen Kuras
EP/Managing Director: Anna Hashmi
Line Producer: Suza Horvat

Editorial Company: Union Editorial
Editor (Launch, Sedan & Hybrid): Marco Perez
Editor (Si Coupe): Paul Plew
EP: Michael Raimondi
Producer: Joe Ross
Asst. Editor (for Marco Perez): Carla Blair
Asst. Editor (for Paul Plew): Eric Brodeur

Telecine: Co3
Telecine Artist: Mike Pethel
Online/Finishing: Method Studios
Artist/CD: Claus Hansen
EP: Robert Owens
Producer: Ananda Reavis

Animation (Logo/Ending): Buck
Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Producer: Emily Rickard
EP: Maurie Enochson
Animation (Opening “H”): Elastic
Producer: Jamie McBriety

Voiceover Talent: Jason Bateman
Music Track: Santigold “Disparate Youth” (instrumental)
Music Research: Good Ear Music (aka GEMS)

Research: Andrew Kahn
Final Mix: Margarita Mix
Mixer: Paul Hubtubise
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