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CEO/ECD: John Boiler
Creative Directors: Frank Hahn, Barton Corley
Writer: Jeff Gonick
Designer: Jake Kahana
Director Of Film Production: Sam Baerwald
Film Producers: Nicole Haase, Paul Roy
Jr. Film Producer: Becca Purice
Business Affairs: Christine Claussen, Saeyoung Kim, Michael Moronez
Group Brand Director: James Townsend
Brand Directors: Kaya Plansker, Go Wakimoto
Brand Managers: Andy Silva, Jomo Hendrickson
Brand Coordinator: Nadia Economides

Production: Mjz
Director: Craig Gillespie
President: David Zander
Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Head Of Production: Janet Nowosad
Producer: Deb Tietjen

Editorial: Cut+Run
Editor: Graham Turner
Managing Director: Michelle Burke
Executive Producer: Carr Schilling
Head Of Production: Christie Price

Vfx/Animation: The Mission
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Creative Director: Rob Trent
Lead Flame: Joey Brattesani
Flame: Tim Miller, Brad Scott, Katrina Salicrup, Max Harris
Roto: Chris Cortese
Vfx Producer: Marlo Kinsey

Telecine: The Mill
Artists: Gregory Reese, Adam Scott
Producer: Larue Anderson

Music: South
Head Of Production: Dan Pritikin
Creative Director: Jon Darling
Composer/Arranger: Robin Holden
Assistant Producer: Marina Malota

Sound Design: Barking Owl
Sound Designer: Michael Anastasi
Executive Producer: Kelly Bayett

Mix: Play Studios
Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio
Mixers: John Bolen, Jeff Fuller
Assistants: Ryan Sturup, Hermann Thumann
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