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Cristal Beer

Y&R Peru

Announcing Company: Backus
Product: Cristal Beer
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Head of Art: Christian Sánchez
Creative Directors: Germán Garrido, Pablo Castillo
Copywriter: Christopher Vásquez, Germán Garrido
Art Director: Renzo Vásquez
Production Director: Daniel Ramirez Gastón
General Management/Planning: Eduardo Grisolle
Account Director: Sandra Zarak
Account Executive: Javier Acosta
Account Assistant: Pamela Rojas
Production: Cine70
Europe Unit: Lorena Salazar
United States Unit: JP Quiroz
Peru, Chile and Argentina Unit: Mauricio Hidalgo
General Production: Paola Pastrana
Executive Production: Dorothy Pita
Photography Director: Ricardo Rodríguez
Direction Assistant: Hernán Velit
Field Production:
Europe Unit: Prisma Producciones
United States, Peru, Chile and Argentina Unit: Topito Producciones
Europe Unit: Sergio Iracheta
United States Unit: Piero Varda
Peru, Chile and Argentina Unit: Gianmarco Ahon, Pedro Rivas
Editing: Cine70
Post Production: Tosta
Art Direction: Sandro Angobaldo
Audio: Lado B
Music: Emocionica
Client Approval: Nino Garboza, Jose Eyzaguirre, Alberto Torres
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