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New York Lottery

DDB, New York, USA

CCO: Matt Eastwood
GCD: Rich Sharp
CD/Copywriter: Scott Cooney
ACD/Art Director: Dave Tomkins
Producer: Brett Fisher
Executive Producer: Walter Brindak
Head of Prodcution: Ed Zazzera

Prodcution CO: Skunk
Director: Ne-O
Director of Photograhy: Manel Ruiz
Executive Producer: Matt Factor
Executive Producer: Shelly Townsend
Producer: Carla Tate

Editorial: Union
Editor: Tim Thonrton-Allan
Editor Ass: Nellie Phillips
Producer: Sara Mills

VFX Supervisor: Alex Lovejoy
Creative Director/Lead Flame Artist Alex Lovejoy
Senior Flame Artist: Aska Osaka
Nuke Compositor: Mikael Pettersson
Roto: Dan Di Felice
Head of CG: Vicky Osborn
CG: Bill Dorais, Ivan Guerrero
Senior Producer: Derek Macleod-Veilleux

Telecine: MPC
Colorist: Jean-Clement Soret

Music: Human
Song: Colonel Bogey March
Executive Producer: Kit Winter
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