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General Mills International

McCann New York

CCO / Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Vice Chairman/Executive Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Executive Creative Director: Leslie Sims
Creative Director: Mat Bisher, Jason Schmall
Director of Creative Technology: Mark Fallows
Head of Technology: Stefan Feissli
Senior UX Design: Jayson Barrons
Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo
Head of Integrated: Jonathan Shipman
Exec Integrated Producer: Catherine Eve Patterson
Sr Integrated Producer: Geoffrey Guinta
Production Company: InTheMo
CEO/Founder: Cary Levine
COO: McNair Zimbalist
Director of Media: Joshua Winkler
Director of Business Development: Robert Cohen
Producer: Adam Baskin
Line Producer: Adam Cucurull
Digitech/Cameraman: James deMuth
Lead Cameraman: Brandon McClain
Production, POI Photography, Design and Development: Your Majesty
Executive Creative Director and Photographer: Jens Karlsson  
Design Director: Riley Milhem
Art Director: Joshua John Pipic
Designer: Veronica Wallström, Magnus Karlsson
Tech Lead: Micah Acinapura
Developer: Raed Atoui, Adriaan Scholvinck, Tore Holmberg
Associate Developer: Theo Strahlen
Executive Producer: Heather Reddig
Senior Producer: Tina Chou
Associate Strategist and Producer: Valtteri Laihainen
Sound Design: Bob Partridge  
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