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Innocean Worldwide Canada

CD: Gary Westgate
AD: Gary Holme, Gerald Fleck
Writer: Nelson Quintal, Tim Das
Account Director: Shannon Beaver
Sr VP Innocean: Vito Greto
Producer: Alina Prussky

Prod Co: Radke Films / MJZ
Director: Rob Leggatt
Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda
Executive Producer: Scott Mackenzie
Line Producer: Mark Hall

Editorial Co: School Editing
Editor: Chris Van Dyke
EP / Producer: Sarah Brooks

Visual Effects Co: Dashing Collective Inc.
VFX Supervisor: Robert Moggach
Design Director: Justin Blampied
CG Supervisors: Sebastian Bilbao / Scott Metzger
CG Design Lead: Aylwin Fernando
Animation Supervisor: Stew Burris
CG Artists: Doug Law, Mikko Martikainen, Morena Protti, Kris Cabrera, Matt Burris, Dominic Cheung
Compositors: Pat Wakefield, Wendy Whaley, Dan Margules
Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma

Telecine Co: Alter Ego
Colorist(s): Eric Whipp
EP: Meredith Gauley

Music Co: Vapor Music
Music Creative Director: Joey Serlin
Composer(s): Julian Rudd (Veloster & Genesis), Andrew Harris (Elantra), Ben Jordan (Sonata & Tucson)
EP/Producer: Lindsay Bates
Head Engineer: Julian Rudd
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