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Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Executive Producer: Eizabeth O'Toole
Producer: Matthew Winks
Executive Creative Director: Margaret Johnson
Copywriter: Mitchell Gage
Art Director: Kristin Graham
Group Account Director: Leslie Barrett
Account Director: Hermon Ghermay
Business Affairs: Bess Cocke, Jennifer Jahinian, Kacey Kelley
Director: Clay Weiner
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Line Producer: Alexander Sivers
DP: Marten Tedin
Tabletop Director: Trevor Shephard
Production Company: Woodshop
Executive Producer: Sam Swisher
Line Producer: Christy Lindgren
DP: Pierre Rouger
Editor: Christjan Jordan
Editing Company: Aracde Edit
Producer: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Asst. Editor: Nick Rondeau
Post Production Company: Airship
Visual Effects Artists: Matt Lydecker
Colorist: Shane Reed
Graphics: Chris Hummel
Producer: Marguerite Olivelle
Sound Design Company: Elias Arts
Sound Designer: Jay Nierenberg
Executive Producer / GM: Ann Haugen
Production Coordinator: Valeria Scinto
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