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Weiden + Kennedy New York

Creative Director: Andy Ferguson, Brandon Mugar
Copywriter: Eric Steele
Art Director: Azsa West
Senior Producer: Dan Blaney
Digital Produer: Brandon Kaplan
Executive Creative Director: Scott Vitrone
Head of Content Production: Gary Krieg
Production Company: Klip Collective
Director: Pier Nicola D’Amico
DP: Pier Nicola D’Amico
Executive Producer: Pier Nicole D’Amico, Michelle Barbieri
Line Producer: Anthony Moschini
Creative Director: Ricardo Rivera
Director of Production: Phil Erney
FX Animation: Monogram
Installation: Josh James
Music: Human Music NY
Sound Company: Human Music NY
Composer: Mike MacAllister
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich
Producer: James Wells
Mix Company: Sonic Union
Mixer: Steve Rosen
Event Production: Relevant
Production Company: Show Cobra
Director: Matt Boyd
Executive Producer: Jason Ross
Editor: Dom Whitworth
Producer: Kate Susman
Director of Production: Bryan Walters
User Experience Designer: Kate Bauer
Assistant Director of Interactive Production: Marc Maleh
Senior Interactive Producer: Brandon Kaplan
Associate Interactive Producer: Hana Marie Newman
Senior Joint Producer: Michelle Carman
Creative: Eric Harnden
Creative: Eric Schoenbrunn
Tech Director: Husani Oakley
Tech Lead: Sunny Nan
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