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Copy: It’s been 29 years since Peru last classified to a World Cup. Whole generations ignore what it’s about, and the older generations find it increasingly harder to recall the distant memories of a time when Peru used to cause enthusiasm with Cubillas, Cueto and Chumpitaz. People became disconnected from experiencing a “pre-World Cup climate”. However, all this has started to change thanks to the great performance the Peruvian team had in the Copa América tournament.


Y&R Peru

Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Head of Art: Christian Sánchez
Copywriter: Flavio Pantigoso
Agency Producer: Patricia de la Cuba
Planner: Eduardo Grisolle
Account Supervisor: Manuel Ahumada
Account Executive: Gabriela Misari
Director: Gonzalo Iglesias
Executive Producer: Anita Quiroz
Assistant Director: Mario Angulo
Second Assistant Director: Verónica Vásquez
Research Assistants: Susana Irribarren, Lucía Moreno
Art Director: Pepe Corzo
Line Production: CYS Producciones
Photography: Abel Irribarren
Post Production: High End Post
Post Producer: Jean Paul Reátegui
Executive Producer: Fabiola Reyes
Audio: Vinylo Sound
Director: Ricardo Núñez
General Producer: Claudia Incio
Music Engineer: Carlos ¨Charly¨ Garcia
Recording Engineers: Monica Shiroma, Rodrigo Bravo
Music Arrangements: Jhonny Vásquez
Client Approval: Luis Eduardo Garvan, José Prinz, Fiorella Espejo,
Jeremy Phang Tan
Posted August 16, 2017 11:26 AM / This ad has been viewed 599 time(s)
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