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JWT, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creative Director: Roberto Fernandez
Art Director: Filipe Cuvero
Copy Writer: Christian Fontana
RTV Producer: Renata Sayão, Daniele Pizzo, Vanessa Nunes
Production Company: Vetor Zero
Director: LOBO | Guto Terni, Nando Cohen
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles
Character Developer: Marcos Felix, Fernando Cintra, Manuel Augusto Dischinger
Concepts: Manuel Augusto Dischinger, Ernesto Issamu, Davi Calil
Storyboard: Davi Calil
Coordination: Valeria Souza Santos
CG Supervisor: Fábio Shiguemura, Tiago Dias
3D Coordination: Cristiane Santos
Modeling: Filipe Lopes, Rafael Ghencev, Daniel Ho Ito, Danilo Enoki, Daniel Adami, Guga Certain, Iara Furuse Abigalil, Marcos Smirkoff
Rigging: Richard Maegaki, Danilo Pinheiro, Wesley Schneider, Vivi Adade
Animation: Helio Takahashi, Jason Tadeu Oliveira, Aulo Licino, Guilherme Gubert
Script: Giovani Menegel, Rogério Miyagi
Particles: Cristian Lucas
Rendering: Tiago Dias, Rafael Martinez, Ricardo Riamonde
Composition: Tiago Dias, Bruno Ferrari
Flame: José Eduardo Ambrósio
Sound Design Company: YB Music, Anvil Fx/Afroreggea
Regent: Maestro | Anvil Fx
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