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Konzerthaus Dortmund

Jung von Matt/Elbe

Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Hanke
Creative Directors: Tobias Grimm, Jens Pfau, Jo Marie Farwick
Art Director: Damjan Pita
Client Counseling: Jochen Schwarz, Dajana Quurk, Marijke Fisser
Strategy: Liane Siebenhaar
Agency Producer: Meike van Meegen
Film Production: Markenfilm GmbH & Co.
Audio Production: Infected Postproduction
Composer: Joseph Haydn
Post Production: Infected Postproduction, VCC Agency für Postproduction
Regie: Silvio Helbig
Cut: Tobias Suhm, Niels Münter
Text: Henning Robert, Jan-Hendrik Scholz
Sound Mixer: Mikis Meyer
Producer: Johannes Bittel, Claudia Westermann
Intendant: Benedikt Stampa
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