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THQ, Inc.
VP Creative Dev.: Evan Hirsch
VP Creative Services: Bob Benjamin
VP Global Brand Mgr.: Mike Lustenberger
Global Brand Mgr.: Ali Bouda
Project Manager: Mike Kelleher
Prod/Post Company: Blind
CD: Erik Buth
EP: David Kleinman
Producer: Brad Herbst
Head of Production: Amy Knerl
CG/FX Supervisor: Hatem Ben Abdallah
Art Director: Steve Pacheco
Lead Animator(s): Diego Seferian, Christian Argueta
3D Animator(s): Steven McClellan, Tony Castro
Particle Animation: Jason Kim, Raymond King, Pasha Ivanov
3D Lighting Artist(s): Pasha Ivanov, Raphael Protti
Modeler(s): John Ployhar, David Mooy, Pasha Ivanov, Ryan Taylor
Texture Artists: John Ployhar, Ryan Taylor, Justin Young, Jordan Carroll
Rigging: Tony Castro
Rotoscoping: Lin Wilde
Compositor(s): Lawrence Wyatt, Ryan Kirkwood, Daniel Chang, Chris ONeill, Jason Lowe, Joe Todoran, Maithy Tran, Eric Zunkley, Ivan Cruz
Pre-viz: Diego Seferian, Chris Marcet
Designer(s): Erik Buth, Steve Pacheco, Lawrence Wyatt, Hatem Ben Abdallah, Kate Mrozowski
Storyboard Artist: Vincent Lucido
Writer(s): Erik Buth, Rick Spitznass
Researcher(s): Rick Spitznass, James Kim, Kate Mrozowski, Eric Zunkley
Editorial: Blind
Editor: Erik Buth
Assistant Editor: Lin Wilde
Audio Post: POP Sound
Sound Design: Hest, Kramer, Van House & Weber
Sound Designer: Jim Weber
Producer: Christy Van House
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