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DDB Paris

Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director: Siavosh Zabeti, Alexander Kalchev
Copywriter: Alexander Kalchev, Siavosh Zabeti
Art Director: Siavosh Zabeti, Alexander Kalchev
Integrated Producer: Guillaume Cossou
Board account Director: Orane Faivre de Condé
Account Director: Mathieu Roux, Fabien Donnay
Account Executive: Vanessa Emsallem

Sound Production Company: THE
Original Score: Danger, Fred Avril
Music Producers: Jerome Alquier, THE & Mathieu Gazier, Ekler’o’shock
Sound Mix: Raphael Fruchard
Published by: Universal Music Publishing and EOS Publishing
Voice recording: Studio 5
Voice director: Clement Reynaud
Interactive Production Company: Unit9
Interactive Director: Anrick Bregman & Takayoshi Kishimoto
Technical Director: Yates Buckley
Lead Developer: David Hartono
Developers: David Hartono, Anggie Bratadinata, Domenico Gemoli, Herdiansah, Erika Trioschi
Additional sound design: Steve Nolan
Executive Producer: Piero Frescobaldi
Producers: Sam Becker, Roxanne Nazrudeen
Animation Production Company: Studio 4C
Director: Koji Morimoto
Animation Director: Koji Morimoto
Executive Producer: Eiko Tanaka
Key Animation: Atsuko Fukushima
Colour Design: Yuko Nojiri
Ink & Paint: Yu Sato
Producer TYO: Reiko Mori, Yuko Iritani
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