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Yeah, we know, we hate websites that make you register too. Here's why we've done it here at ihaveanidea:

1. It's a global village kinda thing. ihaveanidea doesn't just have cool exclusive content, but it's also a community of creative professionals and enthusiasts like you from all over the world. You're bound to meet old friends and make new contacts here, with hundreds of people from juniors to worldwide creative directors signing up every week.

2. No names equal bad karma. By registering, you're saying no to the bashing, the slagging, the petty squabbles and trolling that come with internet anonymity and kill everybody's mood. People play nicer when everybody knows who they are.

3. One great big conversation. Signing up opens up a two-way conversation between the real, living, breathing people behind ihaveanidea (us) and the real, living, breathing people who enjoy it (that's you.) This makes it so much easier for us to 'give the people what they want', as the old O'Jays song goes.

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