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The Sponsors

IHAVEANIDEA's sponsors are more than just companies who have banner space on our site. They are partners who believe in IHAVEANIDEA's lifelong mission to encourage sharing knowledge throughout the global advertising community.

IHAVEANIDEA works closely and personally with every sponsor to ensure they are as much a part of our family as are copywriters, art directors and famous CDs.

To find out more about becoming a sponsor, please contact Ignacio Oreamuno, IHAVEANIDEA Founder at

Creative Niche

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Established in 2002, Creative Niche is a highly respected and successful recruiting firm that specializes in connecting top agencies and top talent within advertising and related fields. While based in Toronto, Canada, Creative Niche has been expanding their reach in both North America and Europe.

Creative Niche is IHAVEANIDEA’s official careers partner, It’s a partnership that is not only beneficial to each other, but also to the vast global community of advertising professionals that have made IHAVEANIDEA a part of their lives over the years.

We are also proud to have had Creative Niche as a global sponsor of IHAVEANIDEA’s Portfolio Night, the largest advertising portfolio review event in the world. With hundreds of creative directors and thousands of young creative hopefuls participating all across the globe, you can see why Creative Niche has been a perfect fit!

For information on how Creative Niche can help your agency find just the right talent, click here.

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If you are an advertising professional seeking Creative Niche’s expertise to help you find your next job and realize your goals, click here.

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