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Title: Burn Back
Created: August 10, 2009 3:34 PM
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Portfolio Night 5
Lyrics: Brett McKenzie
Music: Craig Peeling & Brett McKenzie
Performed By: Craig Peeling
Recorded At: Tattoo Sound + Music
Produced By: Tommy Zee
Back when ihaveanidea's Portfolio Night became a truly globe spanning event, we created our own campaign featuring "Burn Back", a hard rock group who came out of retirement to show us how to put on a world tour.

At the heart of the campaign were four ad industry related songs, which were released one at a time until the week of Portfolio Night 5.

The first song, "Make The Logo Bigger" became a huge hit in the ad and design world; Its message really resonated with frustrated creatives.

The second song "Squeeze My Whipple" was a rallying cry for ad school students to ot accept brush-offs from CDs who won't spend time to help them improve. Luke Sullivan's book can't do all the work!

The third song "The Ballad Of The Dogwalker" is a sad tale that mocks agencies who revel in scam ads, or take on tiny clients solely for award show-entering creative opportunities.

The fourth song "Award Show Bedlam" is a celebration of the true purpose of award shows: to get totally wasted on the agency or client's dime.
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