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Front End Developer

at Offered only through Creative Niche (Cincinnati, USA) Temporary Monday, January 20th, 2014

We are working with a client in the Greater Cincinnati area to find an eCommerce Front End Developer with experience working in WordPress. The client is the publisher of two brand catalogs and websites, and is one of the leading premiere multi-channel retailers in the home category.

Through both print and digital media, the client offers products of unsurpassed quality to their customers with engaging creative lifestyle imagery. The brand is known for fashionable indoor and outdoor home furnishings and accessories with unique, colorful style.

The Role:

    Our client is looking for an experienced Digital Commerce Front-End Developer. The Digital Commerce Front-End Developer will use their expertise in visual design; information architecture, interaction design, and code execution to deliver engaging experiences that enhance our customer’s online shopping and differentiate our brands from the competition.

Candidate Profile:

    A successful candidate must have a strong attention to detail, handle multiple projects, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Requirements include expert-level experience and understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including client-side frameworks) to produce polished web products and functionality. You must also demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of WordPress capabilities, plugins and framework.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Translating web page layouts (including email marketing) and interaction designs into functional pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Develop maintainable, scalable features and functionality using jQuery and/or other JavaScript libraries
  • Develop code which works across browsers, degrades gracefully and performs consistently across enterprise level sites with concurrent users
  • Apply their knowledge of modern usability concepts and information architecture, in a team setting, to create intuitive user experiences
  • Collaborate with our development team for optimized front-end code in order to: improve site performance for customers, create flexibility within our CMS for customization opportunities, and provide a foundation for easy maintenance for the Production teams.
  • Provide concepts, wireframes and designs to improve usability for each section of the website
  • Assist in special projects and site maintenance as needed
  • Implement and record site statistics (using Coremetrics) to improve conversion rates
  • Coordinate and manage web development projects
  • Research and application of new technologies and development tools


  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of WordPress capabilities, plugins and framework
  • 3-5 years of experience
  • Experience with JSP scripting language and frameworks is a plus (NOT REQUIRED)
  • Social App Development (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Experience in coordinating usability testing and reporting results from such testing
  • Experience with software version control systems
  • Mobile platform development experience

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We appreciate your interest but due to time constraints we can only contact candidates in consideration. Creative Niche is dedicated to matching outstanding communication, design and interactive professionals with the right companies. If you are not contacted for the current role(s) for which you have applied, please be confident that your application will be electronically filed for future searches.

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