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at Offered only through Creative Niche (Cincinnati, USA) Permanent Monday, January 20th, 2014
Our client is a brand engagement agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio, that strives to create interesting content in every medium. They are enthusiastic, confident and the best kind of Midwestern. They work with the consumer, health and wellness, restaurants, and retail industries. The client is happy to relocate the best person for the job!Candidate Profile:

The ideal copywriter has talent, inquisitiveness and a portfolio filled with all manner of worthwhile stuff. This could include ads, a Twitter feed, tire brochures or screenplays for telenovelas. As long as it has an interesting idea and a strong tone of voice, it’s relevant.


  • The ability to come up with big ideas, present them and execute them with no small amount of panache.
  • Digital content and concepting experience is a tremendous plus.
  • Strong presentation skills, also good.
  • A beautiful online portfolio of recent work.
  • 3-5 years of experience in advertising or a related field.
  • The ability to write clearly, concisely and cleverly.
  • Only resumes with examples will be considered. Web links or PDF’s preferred.

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We appreciate your interest but due to time constraints we can only contact candidates in consideration. Creative Niche is dedicated to matching outstanding communication, design and interactive professionals with the right companies. If you are not contacted for the current role(s) for which you have applied, please be confident that your application will be electronically filed for future searches.

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