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Senior Digital Marketing Manager

at Offered only through Creative Niche (Toronto, Canada) Permanent Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

We are looking for a Senior Digital Manager to provide leadership across eMarketing projects and initiatives including Web landing pages, eCommerce, Data Management, Email Marketing, and Social Media.


As a passionate digital marketer, you’ll be responsible for all internal subject-matter expertise and have your ear to the ground to introduce new technology to the fold as it becomes relevant.

This is a full-time opportunity located in the west end of Toronto.


  • Effectively integrate the corporate strategies for a consistent customer experience across all digital channels
  • Drive online revenue through eCommerce channels
  • Identify opportunities and champion implementation of digital channel marketing strategy (internet, mobile, SMS, SEO/SEM) to achieve profitable growth and maximize brand awareness
  • Expert knowledge of Digital, Social, and traditional Marketing practices, as well as emerging technologies, to develop and execute detailed strategic marketing communication plans across all integrated marketing tactics and media
  • Develop short and long term detailed and measurable marketing plans along with corresponding budgets and timelines
  • Mange the design, development, coding, installation, testing, debugging, and documenting of web applications
  • Oversee and manage Business Systems Administrator, eMarketing Coordinator and Digital Content Specialist


  • Expert knowledge of internet solutions development, user experience and web design
  • Experience in leading a marketing, web and communications program internally, as well as providing leadership and direction to outside vendors
  • Experience working with web-based content management systems, eCommerce, business systems, CRM, and website database platforms and integration
  • Strong leadership, project management, and presentation skills, and the ability to work effectively within a cross-functional team environment
  • Excellent conceptual abilities with the ability to solve complex problems and adapt solutions across a wide range of customer segments, business lines, and communication channels
  • Expert ability to innovate and formulate proposals with initiative and imagination, and make and execute sound decisions in a fast paced, demanding environment

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We appreciate your interest but due to time constraints we can only contact candidates in consideration. Creative Niche is dedicated to matching outstanding communication, design and interactive professionals with the right companies. If you are not contacted for the current role(s) for which you have applied, please be confident that your application will be electronically filed for future searches.

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