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Information Architect

at Offered only through Creative Niche (San Francisco) Temporary Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

We are working with a digital agency in San Francisco, California to help them find talented Information Architects for various freelance projects. This information architect will be dedicated leading the IA track with large scale website re-designs, which could include mobile, tablet, and social media components.



Creates wireframes, site maps, process maps, feature lists, mock-ups, visual specifications, working prototypes and other artefacts to describe the intended user experience

Work with customers to understand their business models and goals and help define strategy, content, and features for design of their web site

Analyzes audiences and their information and functional needs

Defines experience architecture and navigation that serves as a blue print for interactive projects

Acts as a champion for usability and user experience within the Technology team

Collaborates closely around ongoing development of extensive suite of online tools

Develop thorough, realistic plans that support organizational objectives



1-3 years experience working in the marketing and communications field in an Information Architecture role working with technical solutions Strong knowledge of site design; mastery in principles of Web design (HTML, CSS)

Strong knowledge of user interface design processes and methodology

Working knowledge of User Centered Design Principles and Practices

Exceptional communication skills

Good leadership and interpersonal skills


Comfortable in a fast-pace environment

Knowledge of architecture-related software (Illustrator, Visio, Photoshop, SQL Server, MS Office, Acrobat, Dreamweaver)

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We appreciate your interest but due to time constraints we can only contact candidates in consideration. Creative Niche is dedicated to matching outstanding communication, design and interactive professionals with the right companies. If you are not contacted for the current role(s) for which you have applied, please be confident that your application will be electronically filed for future searches.

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