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Digital Copywriter

at Offered only through Creative Niche (Los Angeles) Temporary Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

We are working with a digital agency in Los Angeles, California to help them find talented Digital Copywriters for various freelance projects. This Copywriter will be dedicated to creating compelling content for advertising copy, large scale website re-designs, which could include mobile, tablet, and social media components.



Collaborate with project stakeholders and team members to develop creative concepts for a client’s digital marketing initiatives

Be responsible for editing and proofing materials during all project phases

Ensure a consistent brand presence is maintained across all platforms

Be able on multiple projects while not compromising creative quality

Support UI/UX team in areas of interaction design that require marketing or instructional communication

Participate in brainstorming sessions and creative brief development



Relevant education in Communications, Journalism, English, etc.

2-5 years in an advertising or interactive agency preferred

Solid understanding of marketing and advertising principles

Ability to effectively communicate through any platform, including verbally, written, social media, email, etc.

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We appreciate your interest but due to time constraints we can only contact candidates in consideration. Creative Niche is dedicated to matching outstanding communication, design and interactive professionals with the right companies. If you are not contacted for the current role(s) for which you have applied, please be confident that your application will be electronically filed for future searches.

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