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Give Peace, and Banner Advertising, a Chance

Give Peace, and Banner Advertising, a Chance thumbnail

Banner advertising is dead, right?


A soapbox that JWT North America’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Benjamin briefly stood upon at the recent 4A’s Transformation LA conference in Los Angeles, driving home the point that the media some advertisers have given up on deserves a second chance.

Why are standard banner ads perceived to be so annoying? They expand invasively into the consumer’s online experience and provide little reward for engaging with them. And they don’t offer much in the way of exciting possibility for the creative mind to develop inspired solutions.

Of course, we could all imagine better possibilities in today’s media landscape. What if you could integrate Google Maps, YouTube channels, Facebook and Twitter, multi-video displays and multi-tab views into a banner ad? What if cool, fun, top international brands like McDonald’s, Rocawear, Kellogg’s, Family Guy, Glee, Weekly World News and EMI-backed band Graffiti6 offered the use of their assets to pair with the capability above?

You can. They are.

It’s called the VOS (video overlay solution) and it is Casale Media’s answer to “can’t we do more with this media?”

The Tomorrow Awards and IHAVEANIDEA have partnered with Casale Media to challenge you – the international creative community – to leverage this rich media platform, and prove that banner advertising is, in fact, not at all dead. You could go down in history as the hero(ine) who revived it, and The Engagement Directive is your opportunity to do so in a risk-free environment.

In a competition that will run through two rounds and end with $15,000 in cash prizes for the winners, The Engagement Directive is open to creative minds worldwide. What kind of creative minds? Well, designers. Art Directors. Creative Directors. Those who know Flash inside and out. Teams or individuals can enter, so long as they are driven to prove they have the creative mettle to inject life and innovation into a too often dismissed platform.

We believe that those who use the VOS will love it. That’s why we partnered with Casale Media and top international brands to offer you top assets, top media, top prize money and no financial investment to make magic happen.

But we don’t think we’re the only ones who will love experimenting with the VOS.

You, dear creatives, will love the VOS…

  • … because it provides a large, customizable canvas with enough interactive possibility to make you go nuts. Streaming video? Got it. Social integration across all channels from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to Google Maps? Got it. It is also as labor-free as you’d like it to be. Just provide Casale Media with assets and your creative vision, and they’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Your account people will love it…

  • … because the ROI data is plentiful. The VOS is targetable, scalable and trackable across the MediaNet premium network. You can track engagements, play time, drop off rates and more.

Your strategists will love it…

  • … because it extends the reach of your campaigns and efficacy of your messaging through an easy and affordable channel to a targeted audience. Want to test messaging in different markets to create even more effective TV ads for your campaign? Use the VOS.

Your consumers will love it…

  • … because it won’t attack them just as they are populating a perfect Pinterest board. The VOS turns a standard banner into an engaging overlay that deploys quickly only at user request to “expand.”

Convinced to accept your mission and give it a try? The Engagement Directive will work in two rounds:

In the first round, entrants may choose one brand from the roster, download assets, directions and a template for guidance, and then go to town. Within some basic guidelines, the sky of your imagination is the limit.

Between rounds, the Engagement Panel – comprised of the seven brand managers, Casale Media, the Tomorrow Awards and IHAVEANIDEA – will choose the winning entry for each participating brand, and one for the Free for All! Category.

Casale Media will then develop each first-round winning idea into a functional VOS banner that will run up to one million impressions in to a targeted audience (determined by each brand manager) across MediaNet.

The VOS banner that performs the best in the “real world” second round will take home the top honors and Grand Prize honors.

It’s not every day that you are offered an innovative new media platform, the assets from seven top brands, and free reign to marry the two in a way the industry hasn’t seen before. But that’s what Casale Media is doing, and that’s why IHAVEANIDEA and the Tomorrow Awards have partnered with Casale Media in this challenge.

Will you accept your mission?

To learn more, and begin your entry for The Engagement Directive, visit For questions, please contact

brianna Give Peace, and Banner Advertising, a Chance
Brianna Graves
Operations Manager, Writer


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