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Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team?

Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team? thumbnail

Ah, the old “Inbox.”

Isn’t this where Brett posts fresh-squeezed commentary on some of the latest and the greatest campaigns to hit the market?

Typically and historically, yes. But change is good and IHAVEANIDEA is changing things up in the Inbox, starting now, to give you a weekly glimpse behind the wizard’s curtain. Things like where in the world is Ignacio? Or where am I, since Ignacio and I are in a high-stakes travel competition (Ignacio is ahead by one. For now.). Or where is Brett, for that matter, who also took to the friendly skies to visit Seattle last week while Sean, Nat and Brendan held down the fort back home, with their stakes firmly planted across Canada.

Why so much travel? Well, it’s the IHAVEANIDEA way to connect with the best in the industry across the world as often as possible, of course. So, where in the world is the IHAVEANIDEA team?

Ignacio just returned from Budapest where he was a featured speaker at the BrandFestival, sharing the potential of Giant Hydra and opportunity for agencies and brands to use mass global collaboration to achieve greater creative results. If you haven’t heard of it, the BrandFestival is an annual two-day event that focuses on the current direction of engagement and brand strategy, and its future potential through the voices and opinions of the industry’s leaders (go Ignacio, our fearless leader!).

ignacio Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team?

Photo: BrandFestival 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Ignacio landed back in Montreal at the exact moment I was boarding a plane (literally 20 gates down the terminal) to London to visit with some of the city’s hottest shops. Lean Mean Fighting Machine stepped up to the plate to host me first and I spent three days last week diving into what makes them tick. This week I’ll stop by Dare to chat with Flo Heiss, pop in to glue Isobar for a conversation with Seb Royce, speak with Damon Collins at RKCR Y&R and then head to St. Luke’s for a tete-a-tete with Al Young. The result? Shiny new Agency Profiles for and featured content for The Saturn Return Project, to bring the London market to life as the fourth stop on my journey around the world.

lunch Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team?

Lunch time fun with the Lean Mean Fighting Machine Crew

needle 117x157 Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team?

Meanwhile, Brett was out in Seattle at Cole & Weber United, helping them celebrate their astonishing 80th anniversary by moderating speaker panels made up of past employees, which he reported were (and I quote) “amazing.” While in Seattle, he also covered a little Giant Hydra, a little Portfolio Night (who wants to see Seattle back on the map for Portfolio Night 10?) a little highly predictable rain and a lot of local brew. The Toronto native even found a baby CN Tower.

Next week, it’s off to the big city of (Tomorrow’s) dreams for Sean and Ignacio, who will head to New York City for the Monster Judges panel. They will lock themselves in a room for a day with seven top-notch Monster Judges who will choose the top five winners of the Summer/Fall 2011 Tomorrow Awards, and three cameramen who will film the entire judging process behind the scenes. Ignacio will reveal the premiere Tomorrow Awards documentary footage in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam? Yes, that is the next destination on the round-the-world IHAVEANIDEA fall tour. Ignacio will hop on a plane from NYC and I will hop on a train-ferry-train combo from London, and the two of us will converge on Amsterdam for the event of the season: The Tomorrow Awards Conference and Ceremony on November 15th. If you haven’t snagged a ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Get them here, as it’s going to be a phenomenal event and there are a limited number of tickets. Our sponsors have outdone themselves this round with some very cool installations and networking fun, and we’re really looking forward to connecting with both the international and Amsterdam-based communities that will be in attendance.

336x280 publicjudging lastslide Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team?

Oh, and if you are a Public Judge for the Tomorrow Awards, get ready to start your engines. The judging is this week and your input will determine the top fifty entries that will be debated by the Monster Judges in New York. No pressure, but you have a say in the winners of an international awards ceremony, so choose wisely.

Keep your dial tuned in to next week’s Inbox to see what is new within our family of companies. Not only IHAVEANIDEA, but also the Tomorrow Awards, Giant Hydra and Portfolio Night and Adland.

Wait, Adland? Yes, we’ve added to the family and you might have read about it here. But more on that in next week’s Inbox.

brianna Where in the World is the IHAVEANIDEA Team?

Brianna Graves
Operations Manager, Writer


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