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Award Show Bedlam! CASSIES and Cannes Lions

Award Show Bedlam! CASSIES and Cannes Lions thumbnail

ihaveanidea has been a bit of a madhouse this past short while, with a few other cool things in the works that put The Inbox on the back burner for a bit. But fear not, loyal readers (fickle readers too!) We’re back with another exciting Award Show Bedlam post!

First up, the CASSIES. Canada’s renowned advertising effectiveness awards. The 2010 edition just wrapped up recently, and ihaveanidea reader/contributor Eric Floresca made the scene, writing his take on the evening’s events.

Advertising Week Canada was firing on all cylinders, and you could say it arguably hit its crescendo on Thursday night. The 2009 CASSIES was the night where the best and brightest in the industry came together to celebrate effective advertising. The cases honoured showed how unparalleled creativity can lead to impressive results that can turn a business problem into an opportunity.

Unlike other Canadian award shows where entry numbers were down, the CASSIES received the most entries since it started in 1993, up 34% from the year prior. At a time when more agencies must prove they can walk the walk, the CASSIES showcase the most important metric to any business: results.

As the evening went on, the audience was greeted by “Lord Cassieous III”, whose quick wit and humour on the effectiveness of advertising kept the audience entertained instead of looking down at their watches waiting for the bar to open up.

The winner of this year’s Grand Prix the case that stood out and redefined a brand was SunChips by Frito-Lay North America and their agency Juniper Park which won for Canadian Success outside Canada and Packaged Goods Food. Together they pushed boundaries in packaging with a biodegradable bag and went from simply a health snack to a green one.

The shift from just a healthy snack to a green brand for SunChips was driven by research that showed that their target audience was concerned with the environment but not that committed. The campaign led to an increase in sales of 17% from 2008 to 2009.

Frito-Lay North America and Juniper Park also won 2 golds one in packaged goods food for Lay’s “Happiness is Simple” and the other for Success outside Canada for their “Only in a Women’s World” campaign.

Awards for sustained success must show continued success beyond a single campaign but often several years and that is what the winners in this category have done. Gain Laundry Detergent by Leo Burnett and client P&G won gold for turning a regional brand into one of P&G’s top tier brands.

Taxi’s work for Mini Canada won gold for client and agency for helping the brand grow every year since launching in 2002 in Canada with eye catching outdoor and unique executions that grab attention.

Some of the other honourees that took home gold include James Ready Beer by Leo Burnett and James Ready Beer Brewing Company for events, seasonal & short term and small budget. The Canadian Scooter Corp and Dentsu Canada Inc. won gold for best media for the Vespa S. Finally one more that has to make room on the shelf is the Impreza which got gold for auto & DIY and best integrated by the persuaders at DDB Canada and Subaru.

At the end of the night before the drinks began to flow 39 CASSIES were given out including 1 grand prix, 19 gold, 9 silver and 10 bronzes. Congrats to the winners for showing that at its best this is what advertising is really about.

The full list of winners can be found online at the CASSIES website.

So as the end of Advertising Week Canada came and went so did the realization that we are closer to the end of the recession than the beginning. The CASSIES and the success of the brands and agencies show that brighter days are ahead and that if such impressive are possible in the worst of times then there is no excuse for anything less during the best.


canneslion Award Show Bedlam! CASSIES and Cannes LionsMeanwhile, the folks at the 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival have announced the president and jury of the new Film Craft category, which will honour the skill and quality of craft and technique of the filmmaking process.

Heading up this brand new category: the legendary Jon Kamen, Chairman, CEO of And Jon is bringing a posse of talent with him to help select who deserves these inaugural Lions.

  • João Daniel Tikhomiroff, President, Mixer
  • François Chilot, President Producer, Les Producers
  • Calvin Soh, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer – Asia, Publicis Asia
  • Ringan Ledwidge, Director, Rattling Stick
  • Joe Pytka, Director, Pytka

The Craft Lions will be presented on the big night in Cannes (that’s the Saturday Closing Night) alongside the Film, Titanium and Integrated winners.

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