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Where Are They Working Wednesdays

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Tool of North America has signed Director Jose Antonio Prat to their roster. In the most press release-sounding line in the entire press release, “Prat specializes in commercial campaigns that are marked by both visual sophistication and humor which play out like miniature situation comedies, following a perfect arc from joke setup to punchline.” Prat recently worked with Crispin on multiple campaigns including Coke Zero. His additional spotwork includes efforts for brands such as MasterCard, Axe Body Spray and Renault.

tool jprat press09 Where Are They Working WednesdaysBoth Cannes and The One Show have honored Prat multiple times. MTV Bird and Gym Class earned a 2009 Cannes Silver Lion and Lions Shortlist, respectively. Prat earned a Cannes Bronze Lion in 2005 for Axe Body Spray’s No. In 2003, two of Prat’s MTV spots earned One Show Awards: Porno and Smells Like Britney.

“Jose is incredibly talented and possesses a true gift in comedic storytelling,” noted Tool EP Brian Latt. “He has the rare ability to produce a genuine and honest performance out of actors, even in the most absurd situations. He has a true mastery of these skills, and I’m really looking forward to working with him. ”

“Having worked as a creative, most recently at JWT, Mexico prior to my directing career, I can relate to the rest of Tool’s roster, many of whom have a similar background,” noted Prat. “But I’m looking to expand into new territory, too, and Tool, with its high profile and expertise in many areas, seems like the perfect place to go. They are experts in both live action and digital production, and the opportunity to collaborate with the other directors to tap into our various strengths is an exciting and unique opportunity that only Tool offers.”


shelley brown Where Are They Working WednesdaysNot a hire, but two very big promotions have happened at Toronto-based zig. First up, Shelley Brown can burn her stack of Director of Strategic Planning business cards, as she has now been promoted to President.

“Shelley has been an integral piece of the agency’s growth for the past seven years,” said Andy Macaulay, who remains CEO of zig and will also take on Chairman responsibilities. “Her leadership has greatly contributed to our business development and culture, and this new role will provide her with a platform to expand her positive impact on the agency’s direction.” 

Prior to joining zig, Brown led the strategic planning group at Roche Macaulay & Partners, where she worked on marquee business including Ralston Purina and IKEA. She’s also served as Director of Strategic Planning at Saatchi & Saatchi, and worked in consumer research and account management at Ogilvy & Mather and Gee Jeffery & Partners.

subtej nijjar Where Are They Working WednesdaysSo who gets Shellry’s old gig? Say hello to Subtej Nijjar, who has been zig’s Director of Digital Planning. In that role, he led digital strategy for zig’s clients in both Canada and the United States, including IKEA, Molson Canadian, Pfizer, Axe and New York Fries. He was previously a Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft, working on communication services within the MSN Canada team.

“In his previous role leading digital strategy for the agency, Sub has consistently delivered key insights that make our work more focused and effective,” continued Macaulay. “His proven ability to be at the forefront of strategic thinking makes this promotion a natural progression, and his digital expertise will influence the continued integration of digital into the agency’s DNA.” 


cindy wadden Where Are They Working Wednesdays

Waaaaaaay over on the easternmost edge of North America, Sr. John’s Newfoundland agency Target’s talented studio crew has a new manager – Cindy Wadden. Cindy has travelled all the way from Calgary, to join the team as Studio Manager. In her own words, she has so much experience she remembers paste up art and typewriters.

Cindy’s last job was with Venture Communications where she worked with clients including Subway, Toyota, Sport Chek, Lipton, Unilever, Canadian Cancer Society, and Travel Alberta. Other credentials include TD Bank, Syngenta, Stihl, and Ralston Purina.

A dedicated hockey fan, Cindy managed her son’s Bantam hockey team last year and figures if she can run a bunch of teenage boys and parents during hockey season, she can do pretty much anything. We agree, which is why the crew at Target can’t wait to see her studio magic.




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