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Award Show Bedlam! D&AD, ANDYs news

Award Show Bedlam! D&AD, ANDYs news thumbnail

Our pals across the pond at D&AD just announced that they have officially launched their call for entries for the 2010 D&AD Awards. The deadline for this very prestigious show is still a long way off — January 27th, 2010 — but for budget-minded agencies, there’s a 10% early bird discount if you enter by November 18th, 2009.

The foremen of the various juries have been selected, with the juries themselves to be announced by mid-November.

Art Direction: Dave Dye, Dye Holloway Murray, UK
Book Design: John Morgan,John Morgan Studio, UK
Branding: Ben Casey, The Chase Manchester, UK
Digital Advertising: Rei Inamoto, AKQA, UK
Direct: Caitlin Ryan, Proximity London, UK
Environmental Design: Mark Dytham, Klein Dytham Architecture, Japan
Graphic Design: Michael Beirut, Pentagram, US
Illustration: Brian Cairns , Brian Cairns Studio, UK
Integrated: Ted Royer, Droga5, US
Mobile Marketing: Chris Colborn, R/GA, US
Music Videos: James Frost, zoo films, US
Outdoor Advertising: Jeremy Craigen, DDB London, UK
Packaging: John Blackburn, Blackburn’s, UK
Photography:  Nadav Kander, Nadav Kander Photography, UK
Press Advertising: Jeremy Carr, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, UK
Radio Advertising: Mike Schalit, Network# BBDO Johannesburg, South Africa
TV & Cinema Advertising: Nick Gill, BBH, UK
TV & Cinema Communications: Charlie Mawer, Red Bee Media, UK
TV & Cinema Crafts: Walter Campbell, SHOP, UK
Typography: Michael Johnson, Johnson Banks, UK
Websites: Martin Cedergren, 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Writing for Advertising: Tim Riley, AMV.BBDO, UK
Writing for Design:  John Simmons, The Writer, UK


Of course, the gang over at the 2010 ANDY Awards won’t even bother picking a jury this year… they’ve left it up to you, the people. Elect The Jury has been called ‘crowdsourcing’ on other sites, but I think that’s just a way to use a buzzword to sound cool. Nevertheless, the public gets to nominate jury members up until tomorrow, and if Jury co-chaors Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz think they qualify, they get added to the list. Then you can vote from that list up until November 15th. After a bit of massaging of the results  — they’ve stated that they’ll only pick one person per agency/company for the final jury, so you can ease up on the Crispin bloc voting — the final jury will be announced on December 1st.

If you’ve seen the list of choices so far, you’ll see that not everybody is an advertising agency CD. You’ve got people like Michel Gondry, Shepard Fairey, and Jon Favreau (Obama’s Director of Speechwriting) all in the Top 25. Can these people make a good ad? Maybe, maybe not, but they certainly know boundary shattering ideas when they see ‘em.

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