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Do you deserve a “big ad gig”?

Do you deserve a “big ad gig”? thumbnail

We at ihaveanidea know just how tough it is to break into the advertising business. We hear about it almost every day from our younger readers, and we see it en masse at Portfolio Night, where thousands of attendees look for that first big break.

So it’s with great interest that we take a look at The Big Ad Gig, a competition for extremely ambitious wannabe art directors and copywriters to publicly vie for a chance for a one month spot at Crispin Porter + Bogusky… or Ogilvy New York… or Proximity Atmosphere…or Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness.

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Here’s how it works:

You gotta submit your portfolio and resume to the Big Ad Gig powers that be by September 7th. You must also submit a creative YouTube video of yourself in a public place declaring “I deserve a big ad gig.” It’s sorta like Survivor audition tapes, only these will be posted on their site for all to see (if you have a current ad gig, may we suggest a disguise and a pseudonym)

Based on the quality of the videos and portfolios, all submissions will be culled down to a mere eight on September 11th. If you’re in this lucky group, you’ll be “invited to attend Advertising Week from September 21st-25th in NYC and given full access to every panel, party and event.” There is no mention of airfare or accommodation, so hopefully you have a buddy’s couch to crash on in the Big Apple.

Once in New York, you’ll be given a creative brief by the Ad Council, and some time to crack that walnut wide open. Finally, all eight participants will present their ideas in front of a panel of judges and a live audience. The top four ideas win 30 day paid internships at the aforementioned agencies. The bestest of the best gets their ideas produced and placed on Microsoft properties.

We know just how hungry you aspiring creatives can be, and we wish everyone entering the best of luck. Who knows, if you’re in the ihaveanidea community and you send us your YouTube entry video, we just might feature it here in The Inbox.

Agency: Atmosphere Proximity

CEO/Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Combuechen
Creative Director: Stewart Krull
Sr Copywriter: Joel Bloom
Sr Art Director: Jason Culbertson
Producer: Mary Anne Powers
Director, Creative Technology: David Moore




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