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One Show crackdown
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 We just posted an Inbox piece about the One Club's statement in cracking down on fake ads in award shows. That piece is over here.


O'd love to know what your take on the whole thing is. Lots of money involved here, but lots of integrity as well. Which will be victorious in the end? Can both win out?

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I'm glad. At the end of the day advertising is still advertising and needs to have been seen by more than a handful of ppl that happened to walk by while an agency photographs their "outdoor/ambient" ad that was up for no more than an hour. While it adds complication, it will undoubtedly filter out some of the garbage that gets entered.

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 Last year I had the pleasure of sitting in on much of the judging of D&AD 2008 in London. Each day, the judges were reminded to keep their eyes open for any entries that they thought were scams ads, or at least made them suspicious. I couldn't be everywhere at once — there were multiple judges groups taking place in a room the size of four soccer pitches — but I did witness the suspicion come up once. To their credit, the D&AD staff immediately sprang into action, getting on computers and phones to verify all the info. 


I'm guessing that system works, since D&AD doesn't get a lot of complaints about being filled with dogwalkers and scam ads. It does put the onus on the judges rather than on the award organization itself. If I may be cynical, I'm sure award shows like that method, as they don't have to check every ad, and they still get all the entries fees 


I think I'll take a wait and see approach on this one. What I'm waiting for is the next person to get caught at the One Show. Will that person bow their head in shame? Will they rat out other agencies? How will they PR spin a five year ban from an award show? Will that scare the other agencies?

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Imagine architects getting awards for non-existent buildings. Writers getting awards for unpublished books. Hockey players getting scoring trophies for goals they hadn't scored. Self-respect, people.

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