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Who’s in the book?

Strong Enough For A Man features thoughtful remarks and philosophies from sixteen of the most respected and lauded advertising creatives in the world.

Suzana Apelbaum
Executive Creative Director
StrawberryFrog New York

“…advertising is more and more about people rather than
only about products.”

Susan Credle
US Chief Creative Officer
Leo Burnett

“It takes a bit more energy to explain who you are in social situations, because people simply don’t expect you to have the position or title.”

Colleen DeCourcy
CEO & Founder

“If you’re talented and ambitious, there are very few
barriers you can’t get over.”

Mary Dean
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

“Our industry’s default setting when judging creative is male. Period.”

Ilkay Gurpinar
Executive Creative Director

“That native confidence got me somewhere.”

Uschi Henkes
Executive Creative Director & Founder
ZappingM&C Saatchi Madrid

“I deeply believe that creativity knows no gender.”

Natalie Lam
Executive Creative Director
OgilvyOne Shanghai

“I can switch myself into the mindset of the audience in a split second.”

Alessandra Lariu

“Women are better team managers… they know how to listen.”

Linda Locke
CEO & Creative Director
Godmother Consulting

“You need to be sure you can make the sacrifices that will be needed.”

Masako Okamura
Creative Director
Dentsu Tokyo

“I had passed the bar exam. I could have just gone on and
become a lawyer.”

Pepa Rojo
Chief Creative Director of Digital and New Media Development
Grey Group Madrid

“I believe in healthy competition. Not carnivore competition.”

Tiffany Rolfe
Co-Executive Creative Director
CPB Los Angeles

“Men get away with being dicks a lot easier than women can.”

Fernanda Romano
Former Global Creative Director of Digital & Experiential

“Young people are not as qualified anymore.”

Vivian Rosenthal

“The best fiction writers can write from the point of view of a man, woman, child, animal, robot… I think a good creative is no different.”

Joyce King Thomas
Former Chief Creative Officer
McCann Erickson New York

“It is pure nonsense to say that women cannot deal with the demands of being a creative director in advertising.”

Nancy Vonk
Co-Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy Toronto

“Some of the most sensitive work our agency has made for women was created by men.”