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Immigration issues

I have an Argentinian Friend who is applying for a Landed Inmigrant here in Canada. He has a certificate of Advertising Analyst, issued by Fundación de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Comerciales – Buenos Aires – Argentina and he wants to know what to do to validate this title to work here in Ontario. He has other skills like Expertise in …

How to make the most of an internship

Thanks to your advice I just accepted a fabulous internship opportunity for the summer. I’m thrilled but terrified.
I just quit my full-time job to accept this internship. While the CD couldn’t promise me a copywriting job, he did say that they sometimes hire interns in September. Do you have any advice on how …

Best time of year to job hunt?

First, as a copywriter of 2.5 years, I can’t tell you how much I have learned from you and this site, and consequently, how much it means to me.
My career has begun outside North Am. Now I want to return to Toronto ASAP to be near my dear parents (both a bit over 80). …

Jancy moving to the US?

Have you ever thought about going to work as CD’s in the US? What would go through your mind?
We’ve had opportunities to work in the U.S. and other countries. Nancy came to Canada from the U.S. Here’s the thing: we’ve got it so much better here, on a number of fronts. In the U.S., …

How should I prepare for an interview?

Next week I’m meeting with a CD for an internship opportunity. I work full-time right now, but I really want to break into copywriting. Should I prepare for this interview as I would any other job opportunity? (i.e. business dress, resume on hand, company research, etc.) I’d appreciate any tips or …

My first job isn’t great. Can I have spec in my book?

I finished ad school about a year ago and was fortunate enough to pick up a copywriting job within a few months. I’ve been at this shop for the better part of a year now, but I’m finding that the opportunities to do good work just aren’t there. Anything that’s even decent is cut …


About Jancy

'Jancy' is Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, Co-Founders of Swim, a unique “creative leadership training lab for advertising creatives and marketers.” Prior to Swim, Jancy was globally renowned as the Co-Chief Creative Officers of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto, a position they held for thirteen of the twenty years they were a creative duo at the agency. Over the years they've racked up Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show pencils and CA credits, and have lead their shop to two Cannes Lions Grand Prix and a Grand Clio. They've judged CA, Cannes, D&AD, the One Show, the Clios and other prestigious award shows. Creativity named them two of the top 50 creative people of 2008. Known for their outspoken, no-bullshit style and a passion for mentoring juniors, they're ready to give you advice if you're ready to take it.

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