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The junior I hired might be being primed to replace me — HELP!

Hi Jancy, I am an intermediate/senior level creative working in a small agency. I had previously hired a jr. on to help out with some tasks. Over the past year that this jr. has been at the agency, he/she has completely changed roles, taking on the same title as I and I am no longer in charge of his/her role …

The client is killing us with mediocrity — how do we get off of the account?

Dear Jancy,
So, we work at a medium sized, decent agency. Great people. Okay clients. Been working on one particular client for almost a year now. In that time, some things have worried me to the point we feel like asking to be off of the account. Blatant disrespect, rewriting our ideas, not understanding things a CMO should know (Pinterest, Twitter) …

Looking to quit “mean girls” shop, but don’t wish to burn bridges — HELP!

Hey Jancy,
I’ve come with a predicament that I may or may not be common in the industry. I was hired from my internship as a junior, so I couldn’t be more thankful to my seniors. But now that’s in been a year, I’ve been exploring other options and different clients.
The only thing is that I’m scared to even think about …

My spec work is better than the real work my agency has me doing — HELP!

Hi Jancy,
I’m a junior copywriter and I’ve been around for about a year and a half. I’ve got myself into a full-time gig at an agency that talks a good game, but I STILL haven’t done any REAL work that’s book worthy!
If I want to impress other CDs, I should be doing work that isn’t spec, but the real work …

Having trouble getting more out of my internship

Hello Jancy,
I’ve been working really hard towards getting an AD internship in a good agency and was ecstatic to have gotten it.
I’ve been with the agency for over a month and seem to spend more time looking for work than working. It is a busy agency with a lot of creatives working over time and I feel bad working on …

I was gonna work in the ad industry, but then I got high…

Dear Jancy,
I don’t know if you have been asked this before and I feel like a tool even asking, but I can’t really find an answer anywhere else. I know that most large companies use pre-employment drug tests. Does this hold true for most ad agencies? If offered a position at an ad agency will I likely be subjected to …


About Jancy

'Jancy' is Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, Co-Founders of Swim, a unique “creative leadership training lab for advertising creatives and marketers.” Prior to Swim, Jancy was globally renowned as the Co-Chief Creative Officers of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto, a position they held for thirteen of the twenty years they were a creative duo at the agency. Over the years they've racked up Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show pencils and CA credits, and have lead their shop to two Cannes Lions Grand Prix and a Grand Clio. They've judged CA, Cannes, D&AD, the One Show, the Clios and other prestigious award shows. Creativity named them two of the top 50 creative people of 2008. Known for their outspoken, no-bullshit style and a passion for mentoring juniors, they're ready to give you advice if you're ready to take it.

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