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My CD isn’t around to give direction — HELP!

Dear Jancy: How involved in my day should the creative director be? I’m now in my second agency (a great agency which I came to in order to work with a better CD) and I see the CD maybe once a week for fifteen minutes. The account’s creative team is only like five people right now, so It’s not like I’m just a face in the crowd. I worry that a strong creative vision is hard to implement if you don’t discuss the work with your team, but this isn’t the first aloof, uninvolved CD I’ve had. In fact, of the four I’ve worked with, three were nowhere to be found most of the time.
Should I worry, or is it pretty normal for them to have no time for their creatives, and to leave the team to lead the direction on the projects? PS I’ve tried to sit them down and let them know I need more input, but it hasn’t changed anything.

intro My CD isnt around to give direction — HELP!The spread-way-too-thin CD is a cliché for a reason—it’s common. You did the right thing to plainly state you need more of their time. You don’t suggest there are other senior creative people to learn from and take direction from. That would be plan B: find mentors in other senior people. If that isn’t an option, ultimately that CD who isn’t finding the time for you is risking that you will look elsewhere without guidance you’ve declared you need. If the hole where that leadership belongs is making you feel you can’t advance, we can only suggest you start looking elsewhere.

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