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After a decade of creative, I’m thinking about switching to planning.

Dear Jancy,
I work as a Creative Group Head in a well-established agency. I’ve been working as a creative (art) for almost 10 years and I can say that I did some good works and even won international awards. But recently, I am having the desire to work as a strategy planner. I’m not sure if it’s a crazy idea or if my reasons are right for doing it. In your opinion, what is a good reason for leaving my work as a creative? And if so, how is it possible to “cross-over”? Thank you so much for your opinion.

intro After a decade of creative, Im thinking about switching to planning.You have a good reason right now to investigate a career change: if you are wondering about a true path in planning, you probably lack passion at this point for the creative job. The first step towards becoming a planner (or validating that choice) is home work: try to meet with planners you respect to pick their brains on the job, and how they got there themselves. VCU Brandcenter has a planning stream, and we’ve seen some pretty spectacular results from the Miami Ad School as well. We do believe a formal education is the way to go, if you conclude you want to switch gears. Follow your passion.

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  • Thomas Smith

    What exactly do planners do? I mean I work with them often enough, so this question kinda might make me look like an idiot, but are they just researching market stuff and making sure the brief is on strategy, or what? The wikipedia entry for the position is full of fluffy, unclearly worded non-facts like “Planners are the ‘consumer’s representative’ of the account team.” There are so many people in account services and it baffles me when I’m in a meeting with both a planner and a strategist, yet they never really seem to be more than just one more opinionated person questioning a headline I wrote or whatever…

    PS I say all that knowing full well they’re smart people with serious professions – I”m not questioning their legitimacy, just wondering exactly what it is.


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