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Can a “bi-curious” creative “come out” as a planner?

Hey Jancy,
I’m in a bit of a pickle. I have finished university and portfolio school and had a few agency stints as a writer.
I have always been a bit of a strategic thinker which has helped me write some pretty fun and engaging digital work.
I’ve seen the work planners have done and have thought maybe I am more suited to that kind of role. But then again perhaps my strategic skills will just make me a better creative?! … I think im a bi curious ad man. I cant work out if I should be in a relationship with creative or planning, and I most certainly dont know how to come out to my superiors.
Some planners have told me I should be a planner, others have told me that perhaps in a case of not being in the right creative environment.
Is it normal to be this confused?
Any advice would be great!
If this seems like too big a question, I have another -
If a billboard is erected in a forest, but no one sees the billboard, did the ad ever exist?

intro Can a bi curious creative come out as a planner?Sometimes it seems like planning is creative without the pretty dress. The essence, the great bones. We’ve known many a very strategic creative who’s wrestled with this question, including ourselves. Probably, the first thing you need to ask yourself is – where does your passion lie? If it’s in solving the problem using your creative tools, and bringing that answer to life, we’d stick with creative. If it’s the forensic hunt for the right problem, finding the laser expression/angle that makes the problem vivid and participating in the solving of it, but not carrying that entire load, maybe that’s the road you should take.

As a creative, you have a role in any strong planning process. And the best planners we’ve known, were part of the creative team brain.

Bi-curiosity is a blessing and a curse. Unless, you’re sure you don’t want to be a creative, we’d give suggest you give yourself a little more time and experience in that area. You’ll know soon enough which way to go.

As for your other question – it exists. It just doesn’t do anything for anyone other than its creator. That might be art. But it isn’t advertising.

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