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Am I too old to give my career the “rebirth” it needs?

Hi Jancy,
I’ve been an Art Director for about 15 years. In the recent years I’ve been laid off twice. As a family man, I’ve had to put my ego and pride aside and take a number of freelance jobs that I would have normally balked at. Naturally, I would never put these on my resume except for a few lesser offensive ones.
I’ve gotten great feedback from my book, I present and interview well, but I can’t even get into a halfway decent shop to clean toilets. A well respected recruiter here in NYC, told me that my work is good, I’m a likable guy, CDs see my passion, but get put off by my sh*tty resume. I’ve been passed up for jobs that have been filled by folks that have left me scratching my head.
I’ve been turning down gigs that I know would not help my rapidly sinking career. Maybe my pride and ego are getting in the way, but if I wanted just a job, I would have listened to my parents and taken over the family plumbing business.
I turn 40 this year. But I have the hunger of a 23 year old. I love being an Art Director. I love the ad business, but I don’t want to end up creating work only seen in doctor’s offices or the JAMA.
Recently the Miami Ad School opened a campus here in NY. I’ve spoken to a helpful advisor, but I would like a CD’s perspective of an old fart like myself, with tons of experience and years, to go back to school and basically catch up to the competitive world. I’m aware of all the $, commitment and the sacrifice. I also “sort of ” have my wife’s blessing.
My question is, would it look bad to be an experienced intern in his 40s? Or will I just be wasting my time and tons of money?
To put another way, after all that, would you hire someone like me?

intro Am I too old to give my career the rebirth it needs?With passion, talent and an open mind to make changes to course correct we’d never say give up. We don’t believe a resume would be your problem. The book is (almost) everything. Is yours showing plenty of 360 thinking? Ideas that work in lots of spaces carry a lot of weight. Understanding of digital space matters. Miami Ad School is great—worth talking to them about the opportunities for you to upgrade. We’ve seen some pretty dramatic transformations including a couple of coworkers in their 30′s.

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