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I’ve started in direct response, but I’m longing to get more creative

I’m a new Brand Manager/CW working in a very young DR agency with a pretty impressive clientelle (as far as DR can be considered impressive.) My aspirations are creative and being required to use words like “limited time” and “revolutionary breakthrough” is taking its toll. I love the people I work with and the products are interesting, but I’m craving more creative! This is my first marketing job and I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibilities I wouldn’t otherwise be trusted with at a big, established place. How do I reconcile my longing for more stimulating work with my responsibility to sell! sell! sell! ?

intro Ive started in direct response, but Im longing to get more creativeGood news: you have been getting priceless experience that will serve you well as you go forward. One of our interns took a full time job in OgilvyOne for a couple of years before moving on in ad agencies as a copywriter, eventually becoming a partner at Modernista. Shane Hutton would tell you he would not have traded his DR experience. Next week a senior DR copywriter will be starting a new chapter with a ‘traditional’ art director in our department: they’re one of our 360 teams with expertise in many disciplines. That’s a good place to be. She has always shown interest in all channels and that’s key for you too. When it’s time for you to make your next move (give this job a year—it’s only fair to your employer), tell CD’s proudly that you have this starting point, instead of being ashamed of it. If your book demonstrates you can think in a media neutral way, you’ll be golden. BTW DR doesn’t have to be packed with starbursts and exclamation points. Aspire to make your work exceptional—that means it sells and it’s creative too. In fact the more interesting the thinking the better it should work. Really.

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  • Rachel Kane

    Thanks for the great advice, Jancy! I’m working hard, both on my book and at my desk, and you’ve inspired me to reach further with my DR work.


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