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How can I keep CDs from stealing my slogan ideas?

Dear Jancy,
I have developed slogans for various products and I want to show them to the respective CDs. What would keep them from using my slogans for their clients? I don’t have the means to fight them in court.
Can a slogan be trade marked? Could I ask for and have a fair chance of getting some kind of royalty?
I am looking forward to your take and suggestions.

intro How can I keep CDs from stealing my slogan ideas?Unfortunately we don’t know of any model to monetize your slogan hobby. Ad agencies can’t review your ideas; they can’t present them to their clients and can’t have any appearance of having used them in the future if anything similar is created for their clients. Going directly to the clients isn’t an option either. They pay their agencies to provide that kind of service and have contracts with them that prevent using ideas from others. If you have ideas for smaller companies that don’t retain an agency of record, you might find a curious audience that would be interested. However, typically a marketer doesn’t search for a new slogan in the absence of context (like a new ad campaign).

A slogan is usually grounded in their brand truths and goals. Without a client’s perspective on these things it’s not easy to know what you’re building on. “Just do it” for Nike is probably the most famous slogan of all. The people who came up with that line were thinking within the context of a big vision for the brand that took a great deal of work to create.

So, all is not as easy as it might appear to be. That’s not to say you might not have some great ideas. But most likely, all dressed up with nowhere to go.

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