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I’m having trouble taking criticism without emotion — HELP!

Hi Jancy,
I’m still a student at design/ad school but I have a problem which I would really like to find a solution for before I get out there in the working world.
I am horrible at dealing with criticism. I love receiving it and find getting feedback on my work very valuable, but my body has a different response to it than my mind does. As soon as a professor starts critiquing my work my face will go red, and if I get any negative feedback my eyes will water and I will basically start to cry.
It’s extremely embarrassing and it also usually makes the professors very uncomfortable. I don’t mean to do it and I don’t know why it happens! But I really want to fix it before the people that are critiquing me are creative directors not just professors.

intro Im having trouble taking criticism without emotion — HELP!Janet used to go to the washroom to cry with great regularity after bad feedback when she started out. You aren’t unique in your response. It is a vital skill to learn how to put on your game face. The thing to remember when you’re getting a “no” is that’s NORMAL. Schools don’t tend to tell you there’s no way to get to a finished ad without many not finished ideas. You should start looking at your ideas not as your babies but as the price of entry to get somewhere. There is a pile of killed ideas behind most finished work. There are many ways for them to meet a horrible end. And that’s fine. It’s not about failure. It’s a process that’s unavoidable and you should look at every rejected idea as an opportunity to get to a better one. So, that is a response full of “should’s”. Meanwhile you feel the sting and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Developing a thick skin comes with time and experience. But starting today, look at it through a new lens.

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