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How long is “too long” when looking for an internship?

Hey Jancy,
I’m reading Pick Me right now and am finding it very reassuring, so thanks for putting it out. While I was in school my main instructor told us not to worry about being a copywriter or an art director. He told us to let the agency decide when they hired us. From what I’ve read in Pick Me this seems pretty bogus. It is, right? And my second question, if I may, is that I just graduated, am 26, and have yet to land even an internship in an agency (graduated Sept 2010), should I just quit? Am I too old already?
Thanks again for everything you guys are doing and your time.

intro How long is too long when looking for an internship?Happy to provide some encouraging words. There is some truth to what your instructor said. A great school delivers a well rounded creative thinker who may have talent in both writing and art direction. We had an intern who came in as a writer and left as an art director. He was torn and we left the door open for him to discover what his true calling was. He was naturally gifted as a designer, self motivated and worked hard above and beyond his formal school instruction. Most ad schools offer more instruction for art directors than copywriters. The writers often had their start in an art direction stream. We know a lot of successful writers that had that history. Ideally, you feel affinity for one or the other and focus on the discipline you’d love most. But you are out of school, so now you want to know where you stand. Getting an internship is almost as hard as getting a full time job. Most grads are surprised to learn how long it can take to be in the right place at the right time. So you are having a pretty normal experience. The key is to stay driven, don’t take rejection personally. Keep working on your book. And get as much feedback from professionals as you can. Ask straight out—is my book competitive with other recent grads you’re seeing? If not, what’s the gap? We don’t know from your question if you’re having trouble getting interviews in the first place, or what you’ve heard so far. Keep pushing. Btw no you’re nowhere near “too old.”

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