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Should my portfolio include “process work”?

Dear Jancy,
I’m a hopeful copywriter close to graduation from an advertising program. I’m reworking my portfolio for the umpteenth time and am facing a dilemma regarding process work. I have a friend who is in an ad program at a different school where they focus a lot on process work. Of course process makes the work and we’ve all got to do it, this much is not new to me. However, my friend assures me that you absolutely must have process work in your portfolio so that prospective employers can see that you can “think creatively” and that you “understand the process”. My main arguments are a) shouldn’t my work show that I can “think creatively” and beyond, b) if my process work says more about my skills than my “finished” work then I’ve got a much bigger problem on my hands, and finally c) I have my process that, while thorough and pretty successful, on paper is rarely intelligible to anyone but me.
Where do you stand on this? Does process work belong in my portfolio, as an aside with my portfolio, or tucked away in my moleskine, a safe distance from my portfolio?

intro Should my portfolio include process work?Assuming “process work” means your work in progress (to be honest, never heard that term), we agree that it’s way too much detail for a CD to take in in a portfolio. It’s more relevant for a teacher to review than a CD. The copy in your comps should say everything a CD needs to know about where you are in your abilities and development.

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