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My old CD stole credit for my work. What can I do?

Hi Jancy,
I used to work for an big name international agency 4 months back before I resigned and took an offer with another big name agency. The reason i left was because there was too much backstabbing and dishonest people there. It always seemed like the creatives were plotting against you. Also, the work was stagnant and I wasn’t building my folio anymore, but that’s another story.
My question is…
I’ve recently found out that my award winning work, which I had done while I was at my previous agency, was credited to another team while I was away on vacation. It seems that when I did a hand over to them, they must have found a way with the CD to make sure they were gonna get their names on it. I’m absolutely furious… it seems that the CD must have placed this other team’s names in there instead of my partner and I. The CD is all ‘buddy buddy’ with this team too because they are from the same country.
Problem is, I don’t know where to start with this one. Do I take it out of my folio? How do I get my name back on the work? If future CDs see this and call me out on it, what do i say? It’s my work and I don’t wanna pull it out of my folio but i’m worried it might reflect bad on me in the future.
I’ve tried contacting my old CD, no luck. The team that took the credit are out of the country now. I’m really confused. I’ve never had this happen to me.
From a CD’s perspective, how does this look if a potential candidate walks into your office and shows you a piece that you believe belongs to someone else?
One frustrated and confused writer

intro My old CD stole credit for my work. What can I do?Well that sucks. We’ve seen it happen, and it’s disgusting. A juvenile revenge play by the CD who lost you. And the team that took full credit is scum. We’d like to think that these sorts with no character find it bites them in the ass some day. Absolutely do not take the work out of your book. If you’re ever challenged on the credit, tell the truth. If you know people who can vouch for your involvement, you can direct anyone who questions your role to them. It’s messy and really unfortunate, but hold your head high and show the work with confidence.

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