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Boss’ spouse is ruining the company. Help!

I’m an Art Director at a small design agency run by a woman. She has operated the business successfully for over 15 years. She remarried 5 years back and brought her copy writing husband on board as the VP. Problem is he is dragging the business down. The quality of his work is rapidly declining, he’s becoming arrogant, and he is constantly creating fires for us to put out. How do I tell her that she needs to discipline him more or find him a replacement? She can’t afford to bring another person on.
I am planning to leave the company soon, but for the sake of my other co-workers I want to express my concerns to her without revealing I am on my way out and to ensure she will not only listen but act. She avoids confrontation, we’ve already lost clients and a great employee because of him (two after I leave), and she enables him to continue with his behavior rather than discipline him. I need some guidance on how to approach my boss about her VP/husband.
Thanks for hosting such a great forum!

intro Boss spouse is ruining the company. Help!There’s honestly no point in trying to tell her anything. It’s her husband — entirely different situation than a VP that she’s not sleeping with. It’s also her company. She probably sees pretty well what’s going on. The fact that she’s not able or willing to deal with his shortcomings is not something you can change. Get on with your life and wish them well when you go.

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