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My partner won’t let me do any of the talking

I am an Asian art director in a good shop in Vancouver, and have been working here for five months now.
Lately, I’ve been having problems in meetings since my partner seemed to do all the talking. Even though I decided to ask him to share the talking equally. He simply said “You jump in when you want to explain the art direction” and “Bad presentations can ruin ideas”.
I know that CDs know the ideas are team’s effort, but I feel like my CD might start to think I have no ability to come up with ideas. What should I do?
PS. I’m sure I work as hard as he does on the ideas (if not harder).

intro My partner wont let me do any of the talkingWow what a jerk. Do “jump in” and assert yourself in meetings. It is important for your voice to be heard and you are right it will hold you back if the appearance is that your partner is the “lead” with you playing supporting role. Meanwhile, approach your creative director with a request to get a presentation skills course. Even the most senior people can benefit from coaching in this area, vital to selling ideas and communicating well with clients, CD’s partners. We hope you’ll have the opportunity to work with another partner in the future. Sounds like you have an unhappy working relationship that’s not going to improve any time soon. You should confront your partner with your dismay about his attitude and your feeling you work as hard “if not harder”. If he has underscored the need to up your presentation skills, for that you can be glad. Assuming there may be some truth to that (remember most people need training), up your game and move on.

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