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New in a town where agencies haven’t been welcoming

Dear Jancy,
I am a copywriter that has been working for 5 years, I have worked for good shops and have produced national and international work. recently my wife took a dream job back east – in a town not known for advertising. There is one big name shop in town and a few small shops. My wife landed a job as a “high-up” for a very big and rather influential professional sports team. This team has a lot of contacts in advertising (as they spend lots on it). They were nice enough to offer to get my name and portfolio out to their contacts. They reached out to the big name agency and to my surprise, when I contacted the CD that they worked with he was less then cordial.
Then they gave my name to a shop that is pitching them for some web work, and they were also, not very warm. Is this blessing a curse in disguise? Have I gotten myself in the middle of a pissing contest? As there are not a lot of shops here I need advice before I kill my chances with all of them. Would I be better off to go at it alone, rather then use what seems like an ace contact?

intro New in a town where agencies havent been welcomingFor whatever reason, it seems clear that the way in the door isn’t through the contacts you have. Go figure. We don’t pretend to have a clue why these people are being rude to you. But they don’t sound like people we’d want to work with. Good luck.

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