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When is a junior no longer a junior?

Dear Jancy: I’m a junior art director doing doing what my creative directors tell me is good work, and I’ve also been fortunate enough to win some awards. I’ve been with my current agency a little over a year, and was just wondering if there’s any general guideline in terms of how long you stay a junior – is it one year, two years, three? I’m sure it varies by agency, but I’m just trying to get a general idea. Thanks!

intro When is a junior no longer a junior?The funny thing about “junior” status—it can range, subjectively, from one year to 5 or more. Every creative director would evaluate you differently on that front. Typically you break the ‘junior’ barrier with big achievement. Someone with under a year experience that wins a gold Lion may suddenly find there’s no need to continue thinking of themselves as junior anymore. However, it’s not wise to try to skip steps—it takes time and experience to learn the ropes and leapfrogging ahead with some awards can land you in a tough spot if you’re hired at a new place as a more senior person but don’t have the skills yet to execute to the expectation.

Most typically, you’re “junior” for the first couple of years. If you’re doing well, no need to self-identify as junior past that mark. In fact, you need not identify yourself that way out loud, ever. It should say “art director” on your card, and “junior” is a word you shouldn’t find yourself hearing (or saying) often. It sounds like it makes sense to be proactive and talk to your CD, to see if his or her perceptions of progress align with your own.

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