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Having trouble getting seen by CDs

This is me writing from Melbourne, Australia.
I’m struggling to get work experience in agencies here. I’ve done the cold calling and emailing but its hard to get a reply. Although some agencies have been really polite and nice.
What is the best way for me to get a work placement? Obviously I will do it for free.
Should I just turn up to their doors and start knocking? Some say that works but I do feel its a bit intrusive.

intro Having trouble getting seen by CDs

Here are the basics:
—Make sure your book is well edited. It’s the difference between looking great and looking only ok. You aren’t objective. Ask people (preferably senior creatives) for honest opinions and strive to include only work at the very top of the curve. Better to have fewer strong pieces than more that aren’t as good. The weaker work always drags down the best. The CD wonders if you on an average day will deliver the average work.
—Customize your pitch to each agency. Don’t send out a generic “I’d love to work for your agency” message. Show you know their work and say why their agency is the one you really want to land in. Amazing how few people do that. It’s a no-brainer.
—Stand out when you come calling. If you’re sending an email, make the subject line count. The busy CD gets tons of them every day–think about what it will take to open yours. Same for sending a hard copy. Why will he or she look at your book over others? Is it how it arrived? How it’s packaged? We don’t advise this example today but years ago heard about a junior who spotted a top CD at a stop light in a convertible. he almost threw his portfolio in his back seat but thought better of it. Later I told that CD and he said he would have loved it. Whatever it takes. Keep it legal and well short of stalking, but all else is fair.

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