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Is age nothing but a number?

I’m a 34 year old woman who after changing careers just completed a two-year portfolio program and won honors at the One Show college competition. I’m starting to submit my portfolio around town for a copywriter position. Should I be prepared for my age to be a factor with all the youngins in this industry? I don’t feel or look 34, but I know there tends to be a fair share of ageism in advertising. Isn’t 34 the new 24, I mean, c’mon! Thanks very much from this old lady with a passion for advertising.:)

intro Is age nothing but a number?You’re good to go. With that One Show credit on your resume especially, you jump to the head of the “juniors” line…and frankly agencies need great talent whether it’s from a woman over 30 or a Martian. There IS ageism in this business. But the more talented you are, and the less you draw attention to your age (act old and you’ll be old), the less it plays a part. Just go for it and behave as if it has no bearing. Importantly, you have to be ready to accept an entry level salary. If you’re asking for more than your competition that’s when you’ll start to hit walls.

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