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Writing or art direction: which school to choose?

Hi there! I know you’ve had alot of questions regarding these schools (Humber and OCAD), and I have yet another one for you! At this point, I can’t choose between art direction and writing. I would like to do both, or at least have training in both and decide later. My question is, when it comes to all three areas (accounts, art, and writing) which would be the better pick? I’ve been looking at Humber, but I’ve been having a hard time getting a straight answear about admission requirements, as Im coming from BC. So, of course, I’m getting annoyed. Low and behold I see the OCAD website has an actual break down for the requirements per province! So now I want to go there, LOL!!! But I know that dosn’t necessarily reflect on there program. I am aware that OCAD’s art direction is stronger, but is Humber’s art direction program strong as well? And is Humber’s Ad Center one of a kind between the two schools? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

intro Writing or art direction: which school to choose?

You sure know how to pick your moment. What used to be a fairly clear decision has gotten a whole lot cloudier. Both schools have been in transformation for a couple of years and they’re not full-grown butterflies yet. Humber’s Ad Centre does seem to be one of a kind in Toronto. (OCAD used to run a student agency program with U of T, but no longer does.) Overall, Humber has had a better rep for copywriting and OCAD for art direction, though some terrific writers have come from there. Probably safe to say that neither is a mecca for account management training. Check out the student portfolio section on OCAD’s site. It’ll give you the biggest clue as to what you’re getting. We’re not sure where Humber is hiding its portfolio. Maybe you’ll have more luck sniffing it out. Also, take a look at the YouTube videos on each school. It’s a good snapshot of how some of the students are feeling. That’s probably the best you’ll be able to do without hitching a ride east and seeing for yourself.

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