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How important is an MBA?

I am currently working on an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. I have several years experience directing and editing commercials on a local level. As I will be 30 when I get done with my MBA I am not (at the moment) planning on going to a school like Miami Ad School or VCU (although I have considered it). Seeing as my ultimate goal is to become creative director (through AD), how plausible is it that I will be able to get work going towards CD if I stick with the MBA and not go to VCU? I have a strong background as a graphic designer and director but was told by some ad executives that an MBA would be very beneficial to me. Also what other positions in advertising my allow me to use the MBA as more leverage but still get me close to the creative side of marketing which is where I prefer to be (as opposed to the business side)?

intro How important is an MBA?You’ve had some bad advice from people who don’t know the path to the CD’s office. We’re hard pressed to name a single CD we know that has an MBA. In fact it’s easier to name the ones that have no degree at all. Not that it wouldn’t be nice to have, but if you’re determined to follow the creative stream and even have dreams of landing in the top creative position of an ad agency some day, you will be best served by going to a VCU Brandcenter or Miami Ad Center. You need to emerge from your education with a great portfolio, not a degree no one actually cares about. A CD will hire the person with the great book over someone with a lesser portfolio and a big degree any day. Look closer at the curriculums of those top schools and start to appreciate what you actually need to learn to reach your goals.

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